Build Your Rent2Rent Portfolio

Rent2Rent is a great way of having a second stream of income that generates you monthly cashflow at a lower startup cost than other, more expensive property strategies.  It's also a great way of getting started in your property journey while working up and building the capital to make your own asset purchases down the line.

Rent2Rent Deal Sourcing

We are also building a rent2rent portfolio for our own company and in doing so we regularly come accross deals that don't meet our criteria.  Rather than leave the deals on the table, we prefer to pass them on to investors like yourself who may want to build your own portfolio.

Process Steps

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


We will send deals via our mailing list on a first come, first served basis.  We wil provide a deal summary including estimated numbers.


If you are interested in taking up one of the deals we'd just need you to sign and NDA and pay a reservation fee.


Once you have viewed the property, we will assist you through making a suitable offer in order to get your deal over the line.  Signing of head of terms and key exchange.


How we're able to secure rent2rent deals

We use direct-to-vendor outreach strategies to build trust relationships with vendors.  Always looking to present a solution that suits their specific needs.  

About Julo

Julo Property Solutions was established in 2019 by Bolaji Olatoye and Kayode Akinyemi. Translated from Yoruba into English, Julọ means “more than” and as such we aim to use property as a vehicle to leave our clients with more than what was there before and to create a legacy of generational wealth.

Fully Compliant Sourcers:
Company Number: 12441978
Property Redress Scheme: PRS021587

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